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This is for all you guys out there, looking for inspiration on how to suit up, and mostly for all the
women out there how can't get enough of the handsome and good-looking hollywood actors. I saw these pictures in GQ magazine. ( Although it's a magazine intended for men, I found it to be entertaining. Articles about politics, actors/singers and things happening in the world. It contains, how to's, photo-shoots of famous people (such as the pictures above), sports, food/ travel and cars/gears. Also one thing these pictures have in common is that the clothes are all from a famous brand called "Band of outsiders". So if you are shopping for yourself or your boyfriend/husband I recommend you check out their site

Love C

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<3 kristina

28-Dec-2009 kl.18:11

videoblogg p bloggen min :)


: )lisbeth

28-Dec-2009 kl.18:14

mm love it


28-Dec-2009 kl.18:17

Jeg har sprsmlsrunde p min blogg! Har du lyst til sprre meg om noe? Her er link!

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