Rag & Bone

Founded in 2002, rag & bone had one very clear vision in mind: to make clothes that they and their
friends would love to wear every day. With no formal fashion training, There brand has become quite
famous over the past years. They have stores in all over the world, including Oslo and Sandvika.
My favorite pieces for this spring collection is the black and brown shoes, the black pants, white tights, the purple cardigan and leather top. Check out there website www.rag-bone.com.

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Festlig :P

Spørrerunde på bloggen min :D Spør om hva som helst får svar i videoblogg! :D

M and Dee

01-Jan-2010 kl.13:50

Love it!

Always and forever -M and Dee


01-Jan-2010 kl.13:56


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