Preparing for Copenhagen fashion week.

I am working for a norwegian designer called "Cathrine Hammel".I could not wish for a better job, the people I work with are so nice and we always have a good time together.Cathrine is a wonderful and kind person. Not one of them strict bosses.I love the her designsand the quality of the clothes. Her clothes is more on the romantic style, some oversized cardigans or sweaters.The price range I would say is from 1000 - 6000 kr (depending on what it is). I work in her store that is located in Riddervolds gate (5 minute walk from Bogstaveien). Tomorrow I am helping out with all the props for

her fashion show in Copenhagen. We are putting together the goodie-bags and doing the last touch-ups onthe clothes.I am really excited to se how it all turns out!


This is one of her many dresses to fall in love with!



This is where all the designs are created. It was very messy at the time


-Love C

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T For Triana

02-Feb-2010 kl.20:16

LOVELY! I've never heard about her before, but i hope to see more of her in the future.



02-Feb-2010 kl.20:33

heldig du er da:D


02-Feb-2010 kl.23:06

Awsome! , du er heldig:)


03-Feb-2010 kl.08:47

you are so lucky : )

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