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I just love this picture.  The coats, Chanel purses, shades and the shoes.  If you have read our blog, you know that I am big fan of the Sartorialist. This picture is from his trip to Milano. On my summer holiday I am traveling dow there. Can't wait, I am so excited! This picture, as I said, is taken by the man behind  "The Sartorialist" Scott Schuman. I love his work. I can spend hours looking at the pictures on his blog, or even better his book! Oh yes, it was a christmas present feom my brother.  I hope you all love the picture as much as I do!

- Love C

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09-Feb-2010 kl.22:48

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo 2 ;o)


10-Feb-2010 kl.18:20

Jeg elsker at alle ser så utrolig glade ut. OG har fantastiske outfits.

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