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Clogs is a new trend and it is coming our way. To be honest I am not a big fan of the shoe, but I have a feeling that one day I will look back and think, how could I ever doubt this trend. Just as I did with the Gladiator style. Therefore I have decided to be open minded to this new shoe trend. It's said that if an item is shown in three different collections it becomes a trend. Both Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Prada showed off different ways to rock the Clog in the S/S 2010 collections. 
I want to know your opinion! 
- xoxo C

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26-Feb-2010 kl.21:23

don't like them ... :p

M and Dee

26-Feb-2010 kl.22:19


Always and forever -M and Dee


26-Feb-2010 kl.23:37

Love them! On my must have list :)


28-Feb-2010 kl.12:39

Vet ikke helt hva jeg synes... kan alltids låne mammas gamle i sølv :)

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