Bye, bye skinny jeans

Heres a little A/W style tip for you! We are now seeing more and more flare/bootcut jeans/trousers one the catwalk and it's also seen on the streets. This is a trend for the A/W collections. This is something I am really excited about, i'm tired of the skinny jean. I don't belive that the skinny jean will disappear so fast. It will be seen on the collections to come, although  it will be a bigger mix of different jean styles. A thing to remember when buying a pair of jeans, is to find a pair that suits your body best. The next time you go shopping for jeans, ask for some guidance on what styles that suit you.

(Picture from Balmain's A/W collection)
- Xoxo C

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17-Mar-2010 kl.22:41

uhh !


18-Mar-2010 kl.16:14

likte veldig godt den jakken! Liksom en mix av militær-jakken og biker-jakken.. :)

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