Guess what I found in the mail?

After a long day at work i couldn't be more excited to find the new british Vogue issue. After standing straight for 5 hours and helping the customers, it was nice to sit down and reed my favorite magazine. This time it was filled whit lots of great pictures. One of my favorite pictures was this one of Kate Moss. She was also seen on the cover in a diamond dress. I always have this  thing when I read magazines. First I browse through it, looking at the pictures. Then I start reading the articles. I don't know why, but for me it's the only way to read a magazine. What's your favorite magazine?

- Love C

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20-Mar-2010 kl.18:51

min favoritt er også Britiske Vogue. Og leser på samme måte. Noe annet funker ikke:))


20-Mar-2010 kl.20:50

Det gjør jeg og :) Jeg har to favoritter; Costume og ELLE

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